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Only for travel outside of Montreal: 500 US$/h

Or sponsored trip (references required): 3000 US$/day



PLAYTIME 3 h - 1250 $

Whether you are a newbie or a regular player, that you are interested in being puppy trained, transformed into the sissy slut you crave to be, or mummified and deprived of all your senses so you are completely at her mercy, Mistress Malissia will intuitively and gradually bring to the light what has been kept in the shadows. She is not interested in short scenes that are either self-serving or that make Her feel like a fetish dispenser. She prefers quality sessions over quantity, which are way more fulfilling and meaningful. Offering a 3h session allows you to go deeper and make the most of your time with Her.  If you want to submit to Mistress Malissia, it is because you seek genuine power exchange and you desire to serve Her specifically.

Also, note that there is no guarantee that you will be allowed to ejaculate at the end of the session, as FemDom aims to dismantle the phallocentric patriarcal structure and not replicate it by abiding to the same rules.

OVERNIGHT 12h - 2500$

Imagine arriving at 7pm, anxious but excited to be in the presence of your Mistress. She has asked you to bring her diner and wine, which you will be trained to serve her properly and then you will share the meal while spending quality time together. This offers you the opportunity to not dive straight into play, but to warm up the scene and get to know your Mistress better. After dinner and a delightful discussion, She is now ready to play with you at her whim. Whether She decides to transform her servant into a living object that She can tease and torment, or into a toy She can use mercilessly for her enjoyment, or into a pet that will be trained to take orders and obey, all you know is that you are ready to give in and let go. She will play with you until She is ready to sleep and you will then be locked up in her cage until the next morning. The simple thought of being hold captive for a whole night, while She has the key to your freedom, makes you instantly feel like She owns you.

The privilege to spend an overnight session with Mistress Malissia is only available to those who have already played with Her before. There is no specific number of hours as Mistress enjoys having an organic time without looking at the clock. The session will end after you serve Her breakfast the next morning, time during which you will be able to discuss the previous night. Estimate to be in the company of your Mistress between 12h and 15h.


24h - 5000$ / 3 days maximum

So, you have met Mistress Malissia for some playtime and had an overnight stay, but you desire to go even further and deeper. The extensive session is for those who want to go beyond the fantasy and actually experience what being in an authentic D/s relationship feels like. From morning until night, you will be the servant of your Mistress. There will be clear rules, instructions and rituals to perform, a uniform to be worn, a new name assigned, constant behavioural modification and submissive training. Beyond play, you will have the opportunity to connect on a deeper level with your Mistress. There is no strict timeframe and you will completely disconnect from the outside world and from your known identity.

For the immersive FemDom experience, you will be required to sign a negotiated contract prior to play, so allow at least 1 week of preparation. Also, you will be required to wear a chastity device for the whole period and have your personal belongings put aside.


Are you ready to take the leap?


Social time: lunch or dinner: 250$ + expenses

Whether you have played before or you desire to meet your Mistress for the first time, a public playdate is always exhilarating. Mistress Malissia adores bringing kink into the outside world, and yet, keep the power exchange subtle. Whether she asks you to wear a chastity device under your civilian clothes or a pair of lingerie that nobody but her know you are wearing, she will bring creativity to what would usually be a casual time. 

What usually may be unnoticeable details to you, will now be scrutinized as you will be seen in her company. So make sure you make a good impression. After all, it is an honour to be shown off next to her. Offering the chauffeur service and the meal are to be expected. But also, there will be other clear instructions to be followed so you are reminded throughout the whole night of who is in control.


Mistress Malissia performs sessions in the flesh only incall in Her luxurious playspace in the city of Montreal. Once you enter Her deviously equipped sanctuary you will not want to leave. A variety of sophisticated dungeon equipment and a vast choice of tools and toys are available to fulfill players of all levels. 


If you want to feel the heat and enticing connection between two powerful women, serve them simultaneously and be humiliated more intensely, Mistress Malissia offers Double Dommes sessions. The Dominatrix that will join Her will be determined upon booking depending on Her availability. 

Tribute starts at 1000$.

Note that everything is confidential and aftercare is included in all sessions.




Texting: 50$/15min

Phone: 5$/min

24h notice and 50$ deposit required.


Texting messages, exchange of  audio, photo and video messages, phone calls and video chats : 

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