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Mistress Malissia is the modern Femme Fatale that you fear and desire; a Slavic alpha woman who has mastered the art of seduction and revels in luring you with her mesmerizing beauty and skillful practice. She has a fondness erotic tease and torment that derives from a genuine enjoyment of power exchange. Believing in Gynarchy - a world lead and governed by women - she has high standards for her male subs. True servitude and an authentic yearning to please, worship and impress is what will charm her. Mistress Malissia's interest for BDSM is rooted in her passion for human psychology and controlling the mind through play. 

Total surrender will lead you to the ultimate freedom of the ego, which will help you reach and embrace your most perverted self through your journey with Her. By exploring the intersection of pain and pleasure with the means to dive into your consciousness, Mistress Malissia will know how to  expose your innermost fantasies, fetishes and desires in a confidential, safe and playful manner. Remember that your time with your Mistress is sacred, so follow her rules carefully to make the most of it. Through her careful guidance you will feel empowered in your submission, liberated of the mold that restrains you and drift into the delightful sub-space you have always sought. 


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